Never-before-seen Keanu Reeves 1986 audition tape leaks

“Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” fans get excited. Leaked screen tests from 1986 reveal a baby-faced Keanu Reeves (Ted) and young Alex Winter (Bill) auditioning for the titular roles. The never-before-seen footage shows the men vie for their parts against some formidable competition.

“There were lots of people auditioning,” an anonymous insider told

Notable actors in the video are comedian Pauly Shore from “Bio-Dome,” Matt Adler from “Teen Wolf” and Gary Riley from “Stand by Me.” However talented the actors might be, the insider who worked on set said Reeves was always the first choice.

“Keanu, from the beginning, it was clear that this guy was head and shoulders above the rest,” the source told “We always knew Keanu would be Ted Theodore Logan. Then Alex and Keanu kind of picked each other.”

The source said the actors became friends in the waiting room one day and started hanging out before they were even cast together.

In the leaked footage, Reeves and Winter each read the script with different actors for a screen test. However, it isn’t until the two are paired together that the magic really happens.

“They were an absolute joy to work with, it was a huge amount of fun making the picture. We had an excellent time,” the insider said. “Keanu was the leader and Alex followed. They ad-libbed a lot and really vibed together.”

The third installment of the cult classic will drop in theaters and on-demand on August 28. “Bill & Ted Face The Music” will follow the time-traveling rockers as they attempt to write a song that will save the world.

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