Members of Gen Z are sharing their cutest — and most unsettling — meet-cutes

The “never forget you” TikTok trend has users reminiscing about the strangers that impacted their lives.

Whether it’s a casual fling on vacation or an act of kindness from a stranger, the “never forget you” meme is all about celebrating meet-cutes. Each video features the song “Never Forget You” by the Noisettes and there are now 188,000 videos associated with the sound. 

What is the “never forget you” TikTok meme?


we made the best music video with this wall just sayin. Thanks #goodmemories #musicvideo

♬ Fun times by Mia Overington – Mia Overington

Each video is dedicated to a stranger the TikToker met at some point in their life. Usually, the experience was positive and special for some reason. 

Like when @skylarcapri gave a shout-out to the Home Depot employee who let her take home 10,000 paint strips for free. She used the material to decorate her entire room. Her video received over 2.6 million likes. 

Some of the videos celebrate acts of kindness


She invited me over every time I came to HZ but she stopped responding on Wechat lately.. hope she’s fine!!! #fy #fyp #illneverforgetyou

♬ Fun times by Mia Overington – Mia Overington

When @mickeynn_ visited Hangzhou, China for the first time a woman invited him to her home to meet her family and even cooked him dinner.

“This makes me so happy,” someone said.

“This reminds of my mainland relatives, so glad you had a good experience,” a user stated

While others highlight vacation flings

The user @ddaisycakes hoped the guy she met in Ibiza and ate KFC at the beach with will always remember her. 

“This is so cute,” a person said.

“This is the cutest thing I’ve seen on TikTok,” another wrote.

Some of them are just straight jokes

Like when @wowquinton paid tribute to the “sweet woman” who said she liked his style at the flea market. In case you can’t tell, that “sweet woman” is Lana Del Rey.

“Why does she look like a fan?” a user asked

“Why does it look like she asked you to take a picture,” someone commented.  

Of course, some “never forget you” videos are pure revenge

“To the boys in middle school who bullied me for doing ballet,” @lifeof.lori said.

Then she did an impressive spin on pointe — and had the last laugh.

“The ultimate flex,” one person wrote

“This is just impressive! You tell ’em,” another said

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