New dads vs. experienced dads — hilarious TikTok couple show the difference: ‘This is so perfect’

One TikTok couple made a video comparing how dads act in the first month of their baby’s life to how they act as their children grow older, and it’s hilariously relatable!

Gerard and Alyssa Fluellen (@fluellenfam) are a husband and wife pair who share relatable parenting content, along with adorable videos of their three kids, on TikTok. The parents recently shared a video about the difference between being a new dad and a more experienced dad, which has logged more than 10 million views and had TikTokers cracking up.

The video begins with the caption, “Dads the first month of being a parent vs…” 

The first shot of the video shows Gerard gently cradling his youngest child, Emmett, in his arms. He rocks Emmett back and forth, stares at him lovingly, then lowers him carefully into his crib. The dad begins to leave the room, but then turns back to take one more look at his son. Bending over the baby’s crib, he takes a moment to stroke Emmett’s hair. 

Then, a new caption appears on screen, which reads, “The rest of their lives.”

Next, we see Gerard spinning a giggling baby around on the floor in circles. Next, the dad of three is playing video games while eating snacks out of a container balanced on his baby’s back. 

Then a quick montage of shots shows Gerard carrying a toddler by the back of her onesie pajamas and playfully tossing her into her crib, then carrying two kids upside-down by their feet and finally working out using baby Emmett as a weight.

‘This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day’

The hilarious video was a hit with viewers. 

“This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. The kids are loving it!” one TikToker wrote. 

“This is so perfect,” another viewer wrote.

Being a parent can be nerve-wracking, but Gerard and Alyssa show that it’s also a ton of fun.

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