New Jersey has come up with a genius way to practice social distancing

To stop the global health crisis in its tracks, the CDC has advised people to maintain at least 6 feet of separation when running essential errands or going outside. Measuring 6 feet without a ruler isn’t quite so simple — but thankfully, the state of New Jersey has a solution.

On April 9, the official Twitter for the state of New Jersey released a PSA reminding people to stay 6 feet apart. This PSA also offered a way to measure that 6 feet: By using 4-foot-10-inch Danny Devito.

“REMINDER: Keep AT LEAST 1.25 Danny Devitos of space between yourself and others,” the tweet reads. It even includes a graphic, which shows a horizontal Danny Devito up against a six-foot ruler.

In case you don’t want to use Danny Devito as your measuring device, the New Jersey Twitter account has also created infographics with Bruce Springsteen, Shaq and Governor Phil Murphy.

Springsteen is exactly 6 feet tall, so you’ll need to keep “AT LEAST one Springsteen of space between yourself and others” when outside.

Governor Murphy is also 6 feet tall, so you need to keep “AT LEAST one [Governor Murphy] of space between yourself and others” to stay safe.”

Basketball star Shaquille O’Neil, meanwhile, is 7-foot-1, so you only need to keep “6/7th of a Shaq of space between yourself and others.”

Of course, these silly infographics are simply a way to get people to pay attention to social distancing rules, but thinking about measuring 6 feet in terms of “Danny Devitos” is pretty great.

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