New mom realizes she has PPD and asks TikTok community for help: ‘I could use some friends’

A brave mom realized she had postpartum depression and asked the TikTok community for help. 

New mom and TikToker @Baby.Fayee (@ofakb__) posted a vulnerable video where she admitted that she has postpartum depression. In the video, she held her infant in her arms while speaking to the camera, saying “Postpartum depression is real. I didn’t know I had it, but I could use some friends.” 

The video has almost 3 million views and counting, and TikTok users came to the new mother’s aid in many ways. Numerous concerned viewers posted comments asking where she was and if she was okay. Fellow parents offered words of validation and encouragement.

One user wrote, “I wish I could hug you momma! Know you’re not alone and don’t be scared to ask your doctor for help. You’ll get through this!” 

Another TikToker commented, “I’m sorry you are going through this. It’s very real and very overwhelming. We are here, sister.”

A concerned and generous user even wrote, “1. Give your doctor a call. 2. Do you drink Starbucks? Your favorite drink is on me!”

Many TikTokers wanted to help this new mom anyway they could, whether it was through words of affirmation, a hug, or sending some relief so she could take a minute to herself. 

TikTok users used the comments section of the video to continue to check up on the new mom, periodically checking in to make sure she was okay.

After the influx of support from her TikTok viewers, the new mom (@ofakb__) posted another video updating her followers and letting them know that she is feeling much better. She has also joined a mothers’ support group which helps her feel less alone.

According to Mayo Clinic, postpartum depression affects 10-20% of new parents Signs and symptoms vary, and can range from mild to severe. If you think you have postpartum depression, check in with your doctor! There are many ways to proceed, and every person has their own journey. 

If you are feeling symptoms of postpartum depression, which can affect any woman who’s given birth, the APA recommends seeking help from a licensed mental health provider and/or primary health care provider.

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