New mom wonders if she’s accidentally pregnant weeks after birth of baby

This TikTok parent shared what it was like to realize she might be pregnant again just weeks after giving birth!

Abbie Herbert (@abbieherbert_) is a mom, wife, and model who shares videos of her family on TikTok. Abbie gave birth to her daughter Poppy just a few months ago and was surprised to learn soon after that she might be pregnant again.

The new mom shared a video, which racked up an amazing 8.8 million views and counting, about what it was like to realize she could be pregnant again so soon after giving birth.

In the video, Abbie plays both herself in the present day and her past “pregnant self.” She has a conversation with her pregnant self about her new baby, that quickly morphs into a conversation about whether or not Abbie could be pregnant again. 

“So did we have a cute baby?” Abbie’s past self asks.

The camera cuts to present Abbie, who is smiling and holding her adorable baby. “Yes… Yes, we did,” she replies, bouncing Poppy on her lap. 

“She’s beautiful,” past Abbie replies, tears in her eyes. “So, we got back on birth control, right?” she continues. 

An embarrassed look crosses present Abbie’s face as she replies, “No… No, we didn’t.”

“So did we get our period yet?” past Abbie asks. 

“Yes, we started our period 8 weeks postpartum,” Abbie replies. 

Past Abbie feigns wiping sweat off her forehead and looks profoundly relieved. “So have we had another period this month?” she asks, innocently. 

For a moment, present Abbie appears to be thinking deeply about how to answer her question. Finally, she shakes her head. “No,” she replies. “We are actually 4 weeks late.” 

The video cuts to past Abbie looking shocked and appalled, and ends just as Abbie seems about to scream an expletive. 

In a follow-up video, Abbie took a pregnancy test which revealed that she was not, in fact, pregnant. The new mom was simultaneously relieved and disappointed, writing in a caption, “Bummed, but so grateful for my little family.”

While Abbie did not allow comments on her original video, viewers popped into the comments section of the follow-up video to share their sympathy and advice. 

“When it’s your time, it’ll be your time again! Don’t rush. Enjoy your baby!” one viewer commented. 

“Do not fret mama! You will have many beautiful babies just like Poppy,” another TikToker wrote.

“Isn’t it the craziest feeling? Thinking you’re not ready for another, and then you see it’s negative and you feel kind of sad?” another viewer commented. 

While Abbie isn’t pregnant after all, she is taking her disappointment in stride. When one viewer wrote, “Now you can spoil Poppy some more,” Abbie replied, “Exactly! She’ll get a sibling one day.”

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