TikTok moms share hilarious video parodying the differences between new moms and veteran moms

This comedian and parent on TikTok shared a hilarious sketch illustrating the contrast between new moms and veteran moms, and viewers cannot get over how spot-on it is!

TikToker Tova Leigh (@tova_leigh) is a busy parent, writer, performer, and content creator who often shares funny sketches on parenting and feminism. One of Leigh’s videos, that she made with fellow mom and performer, Riona O Connor, (@rionaoconnor_) parodies the differences between new moms and moms with more experience parenting, and viewers are in stitches over the accuracy. 


We’re all doing a great job, some of us just do it a little louder (or with a hose) 😂 which one are you?! with @rionaoconnor_ #fyp #funny #parenting #momsoftiktok

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The clip begins with a shot of Leigh and Connor gabbing away while sitting in lawn chairs outside. As depicted in the text on screen, Leigh is the “Veteran Mom” and Connor is the “New Mom.”

During their conversation, their off-screen kids start fighting. “Oh honey, no, no fighting, sweetie. Gentle hands,” Connor says in an exaggerated sugary sweet voice while gingerly clasping her hands. 

When Connor’s gentle plea fails to register with the squabbling kids, Leigh bellows, “WE SAID STOP FIGHTING,” which does the trick.

In the next shot, Connor continues to speak to her child using baby talk. “Oh, look at those little dirty knees! Let me wipe them, come here, come here,” she trills, waving around wet wipes before Leigh pulls out a garden hose and sprays water at the kids. 

When one of their kids gets hurt in the following footage, Connor leaps up from her chair and says in exaggerated baby talk, “Oh honey! I’ll give you a plaster. Oh, sweetheart, come here. Mommy–” 

But before Connor can finish her sentence, Leigh chimes in and shouts, “Is it bleeding?” When the child responds with a “No,” Leigh insists, “You’re okay,” before returning to her phone.

The rest of the clip follows a similar pattern. When Connor offers her thirsty child “natural spring water, freshly squeezed orange juice, or soy milk,” Leigh tells her child to swallow their spit. When Connor gushes over her child’s artwork, Leigh crumples hers up and throws it away.

The video closes with Connor panicking over the rain and yelling, “Come on, coats, umbrellas! We have to go,” before Leigh cuts her off to yell at the kids shouting, “It’s just a bit of water you’re not made out of sugar!” 

Both parents and non-parents alike found Leigh and Connor’s portrayal of new moms and veteran moms highly entertaining.

“I don’t even have kids, but I’m the veteran mom, lmao,” one viewer noted. 

“As a mom of 5, this is [100%] accurate,” confirmed one parent.

“Me with my first vs. my third,” another parent observed. 

Leigh’s video comically illustrates that it’s normal for parenting styles to change, especially when more kids enter the picture and parents become more comfortable raising children. 

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