New parents ‘talk’ to their high school selves in sweet TikTok: ‘The future is better than you think’

These new parents shared a sweet message during a “talk” with their high school selves.

TikTok couple Noelle and Mason (@noelleandmase) are high school sweethearts who just became first-time parents to an adorable baby boy named Mickey. Recently, the couple shared a cute video where they have a pretend conversation with their high school selves on what their current future has in store for them. 

The clip begins with the words “Us talking to our high school selves,” typed over footage of the loving couple arm-in-arm.

Using the magic of TikTok editing, the couple turns back time to answer a few questions their high school selves have for their current selves.

“Did you make the NFL?” asks high school Mason. “No…” both Noelle and Mason from the future respond, shaking their heads. 

“Well, I become a famous singer, right?!” Noelle’s high school self asks in the next shot. Once again, the couple from the future shake their heads and answer, “no, you don’t,” with a laugh. 

“Well, do we at least get married?” high school Mason asks urgently. “Yes!! Yes!!” the current couple enthusiastically responds before lovingly embracing. 

“Yes! That’s awesome,” declare Noelle and Mason from high school, giving each other a high five. 

The clip then cuts back to the couple in the present. “Let me show you something real quick,” says the older and wiser Mason. 

“Is it your dream car?!” asks young Mason. “EVEN BETTER,” says adult Mason, who’s now holding up their precious newborn dressed in a tiny striped onesie

“Isn’t he so cute?” adult Noelle asks, giving her new son a kiss. “OMG! So cute,” the high school couple gushes. 

“The future is better than you think,” mama Noelle assures the couple’s high school selves, as she and Mason cradle baby Mickey. 

The sweet video had hearts melting all over TikTok, and many viewers appreciated the heartfelt message behind the clip’s premise.

“Great job, guys, on making a great video and a super cute little family and human,” congratulated one user. 

“Dream[s] in [high school] are amazing, but sometimes dreams look different than you thought, and it’s still just as good,” another person remarked.

Videos like this one are a nice reminder that it’s okay when certain things in life don’t turn out the way you expect them to, because a lot of the time, the outcome is even better than what you hoped!

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