New TikTok filter perfectly rates man’s personality

A favorite game in the dating world is “They’re a ___ but.” The concept is simple. You rate the person’s looks on a scale of one to 10 and then mention a personality trait about them that can either raise or lower their rating. Typically, lower initial scores get better personality traits. 

Last year, the #hesa10but game had nearly 1 billion views.

The fun hashtag spawned several filters, and there’s a new one out. According to some users’ videos, this one might be the most accurate. 

“Dude definitely says dude,” said @n.0_a.h.

“i’m his girlfriend and i can confirm he calls me dude frequently,” commented @elliebabb17

This new filter is a remix of the trending ones we saw last year. The previous edition of this filter looked like a tweet and read, “He’s a 10 but…” User @baruchgeuze created the filter, which had over 1 million videos to its name. 

“I wish my brain worked as fast as this,” said @xx._just_vibin_xx.

The new filter rates the person in front of the camera.

Despite what the filter said, the comments were there to pick this user up. 

“Tik tok is a 1, 100%. You Are a 10,” said @aleksander.nedrebo

“in that case ur 11,” commented @ikean..tuoli.

The remix filter isn’t always mean. Sometimes it can be complimentary.


My new You’re a 10 remix effect is out!!!! #yourea10 #youarea10but ❤️✨

♬ Stay Ready (What A Life) – Jhené Aiko

Rating people — whether it be yourself or others — is a game that is here to stay. You can always come up with ideas and phrases on your own, but if you want technology’s help, TikTok continues to have filters ready for you. 

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