Test your finger speed with this new TikTok filter

In the world of social media, most people know that “Twitter fingers” refers to someone who likes to be confrontational on Twitter but not in real life. Now there are “TikTok fingers.”

TikTok released a new filter game in which users have to tap numbers on the screen in the order they appear. The filter times the players and gives out titles as it relates to the user’s performance, such as “basic,” “pro gamer” and “speed demon.” 

Users have had a blast with the time trial game. Their fast fingers are running up the number of videos under the filter. Currently, over 1.2 million videos use the filter. 

Some people have used this opportunity to prove how quickly they can solve the number puzzle. 

But commenters under this post weren’t impressed. 

“4.48 is the fastest I’ve seen,” said @rozay.m.sil under @deandreee’s video. 

“Bro I seen a dude do it in 4,” commented @that_blue_ecoboost.

Others have taken the opportunity to compete, whether directly or indirectly.

Yooo she stay tryna downplay your victories,” commented @dbetta.

“I watched this guy do this and think he was the s***, and he did it in 13 seconds,” said @brooklynchristie. “So my only goal is to beat him.”

She finished the game in 9.97 seconds

TikTok games and filters are always a good way to see users on the app participate in something communally. As users create more videos and get the competitive itch, this filter will only increase in popularity.

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