Be on the lookout for new ‘She Watch Anime’ dance

For things to go viral on the Internet, it takes the right place, the right time and the right post. Things may not go viral immediately, and this new dance trend perfectly embodies that.

In 2021, “Anime Lover” — which was an unreleased song from “3 Musketeers” artist ppcocaine (@trapbunniebubbles) — got posted on TikTok. The song gained some traction, but it was just a regular post. The original video belongs to @lansdelray and currently has over 180,000 views. 

Two years later, the song is viral and trending after Edits (@trxe.tlou) posted a video of Grand Theft Auto character Michael dancing to the song. The video has over 5 million views and nearly 1 million likes. 

“Micheal a baddie fr,” said @buttr_toast

TikTokers have taken the GTA character’s dance and turned it live-action.

“Bro got zesty w it,” said @444.shaylee_ under the video. 

“Why is it kinda good tho,” commented @he.luvs.emily.0.0

With a myriad of people participating, there are people who are good at the dance and those who aren’t. 

“Bro swimming in the air,” said @kia_hendoxxx under @culanator’s video. 

Whatever this dudes doing i love,” replied @mari5t26.

It’s only been a week since the first viral edition of this trend hit the Internet. With the dance already popular in that short time, there’s still a lot of runway for this trend.

Just know that when you hear, “She watch anime / Catch her heart like Kisame,” some type of “zesty” dance is about to unfold.

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