Toast to New Year’s Eve with these mocktail recipes

New Year’s Eve parties are a time to celebrate and toast to the next 12 months, but you don’t need alcohol to ring in the new year! Mocktails can be just as festive and exciting as their alcoholic counterparts. Plus you won’t have to worry about a potential hangover. If you’re looking to mock ‘n’ roll this New Year’s Eve, raise your glass to these five mocktail recipes!

1. Sparkling blackberry mocktail

If you love blackberries, then this mocktail is definitely your jam. Begin by adding blackberries, lemon juice, vanilla extract and honey into a bowl, and then mash everything together. Next, strain the blackberry mix over a glass with ice, and pour in some sparkling water. Garnish with rosemary before serving. 

2. French 75 mocktail

This mocktail rendition of a French 75 packs the same amount of punch as its alcoholic alternative. First, add ice to a shaker, followed by non-alcoholic gin, lemon juice and simple syrup. Once shaken, pour into a champagne glass. Then add non-alcoholic sparkling white wine. Garnish with a twisted orange peel, and cheers!

3. Cotton candy mocktail


Sweet “Mocktails” with my sweetheart to ring in the New Year! Happy 2021b #nye #Bye2020 #2021

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What sweeter way to toast to the new year than with this cotton candy mocktail? Begin by adding a piece of cotton candy into a champagne glass rimmed with marshmallow fluff and rainbow sprinkles. Next, pour in some non-alcoholic sparkling white wine. Top with a final pinch of cotton candy, and enjoy!

4. Frozen berry mocktail

This mocktail is “berry” refreshing! TikToker @thekwendyhome begins by adding ice cubes with frozen fruit into a glass. Next, she adds pineapple juice, followed by frozen berry punch and lemon-lime soda. Finally, she gently stirs the mix before serving.

5. Old fashioned mocktail

For a new take on an Old Fashioned, look no further than this mocktail. First, pour blood orange bitters over a sugar cube in a glass and spread it all over the sides. Next, add non-alcoholic bourbon. Finish with a large ball of ice wrapped in an orange peel, and bottoms up!

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