New York-based TikToker reveals ‘wild’ truth about attending a summer camp for ‘very wealthy’ kids

Ever wonder what it’s like to attend a summer camp with affluent kids in one of the biggest bustling cities in the world? One TikToker has the inside scoop.

In early February, TikTok user @dutchdeccc stitched a video with @venusbleeds to share one of his encounters as a New Yorker who’d gone to a summer camp with “almost all private school kids.”

“And kids who grew up with money in New York? Whole different level,” he began. “Growing up, I went to this very wealthy, almost all private school kids’ summer camp. And I was the diversity token. I was there on a public school scholarship basically.”

The self-described “NYC Born & Raised” TikToker detailed the otherworldly questions that came up during camp. “Okay, one time we were going to lunch and this kid was like, ‘Where’d you get your lunch from today?’ and I was like, ‘My lunch box.’ And I’m like, ‘Where’d you get your lunch from?’ ‘Oh, my nanny is dropping off sushi from Nobu.'” Dutch reacts, “Sushi. We were eight years old and they were getting food delivered.”

“Another common question is like, ‘Where are you going this weekend?’ I’d be like, ‘Maybe my dad’s, I don’t know.’ And they’d follow that with, ‘Oh, where does he have a house?’ So I’d say where my dad lived and they’d be like, ‘No, no, no… That’s where he lives in the city. Where’s his house?'”

“Because they all had houses that they went to. Every weekend they would go someplace. Camp ended early on Fridays so they could get out of the city. Crazy.”

Dutch’s video has garnered over 10.9 million views and more than 1.8 million likes. It seems this New Yorker wasn’t alone in thinking his summer camp experience was filled with jaw-dropping interactions everyone in the comments did too.

“D*** they had Uber eats before Uber eats,” wrote @cathypedrayes.

“In my next life i hope i can be reincarnated as a rich new york kid😔,” wrote @elizabethsayeau.

While many users expressed shock over Dutch’s story, others shared similar experiences.

“When I taught 4yr olds dance in NYC, we’d ask where they were ‘flying’ to while in a butterfly – they’d say “Turks +Caicos”, “Thailand”, “St Lucia” ☠️,” commented @amandablauerpilates on the same video.

Thankfully, this TikTok trend has given users the space to lightheartedly recount their interactions with privileged folks, while hilariously acknowledging how different their lifestyles are.

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