New York Fashion Week: 5 necessities for the hectic and fashionable week

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After attending eight seasons of New York Fashion Week, I can say that I’ve learned more than a few things.

A little background on the fashion-filled frenzy: NYFW happens two times a year, in February and September, and it’s quite literally the Olympics of fashion. The streets are filled with beautiful people in beautiful outfits attending beautiful shows and events. The latest runway collections are revealed, and excitement roars through the city as stylists, editors and influencers from all over the world congregate around Spring Studios. At least that’s all we show you. Behind closed doors — and in closed-toed shoes — are blisters, dying cell phones and stressed-out fashionistas.

Unique and avant-garde fashion pieces are undoubtedly the most important items to pack for fashion week, but for practicality, I’m giving you the inside scoop on five necessities to pack for New York Fashion Week that will make your stay a lot more enjoyable.

1. Band-Aids 

This is a no-brainer. When there are heels involved, you need Band-Aids in your purse at all times. Now, there are a few ways to go about preventing “Fashion Week feet” — and you may also be wondering what exactly those are in the first place. Well, Fashion Week feet are tired, blistered, have been walked on in uncomfortable shoes for a week straight and need some TLC. Barefoot Scientist created a product called PreHeels+ that provides an invisible barrier to protect the skin from blisters and other irritations for six hours. For extra protection, use Band-Aid Hydro Seal Blister Cushions, which provide multi-day protection.

Barefoot Scientist PreHeels+, $16

Credit: Barefoot Scientist

Band-Aid Hydro Seal Blister Bandages, $8.98

Credit: Amazon

2. Tide To Go Pen 

So the week has come, we’ve spent countless hours putting together the perfect look and — BAM! — just like that, you stain your blouse with your morning coffee. I wish I could say this tip wasn’t from personal experience, but it is. You will have enough on your plate during Fashion Week that you don’t want to worry about a pesky stain on your shirt. Tide To Go pens are small enough to fit in your handbag, and they remove many food and drink stains to keep your looks fresh.

Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover (6 Count), $20.42

Credit: Amazon

3. Go Smile Stain Erasers 

A first impression is important. You don’t want to meet someone for the first time with bad breath or food in your teeth. Go Smile Stain Erasers come in chic packaging and serve many purposes. Not only will you be left with fresh breath, but your teeth will also gradually whiten with every use. If you’re someone who drinks a lot of coffee, like me, this is the perfect product to prevent staining.

Go Smile Stain Erasers, $10

Credit: Urban Outfitters

4. Portable Phone Charger 

If you’re covering numerous shows and events a day, your phone is going to run out of juice at some point. A portable phone charger will provide peace of mind and extra battery life to get you through long days and long nights. Pro tip: I usually bring two portable phone chargers so that one is always charging and ready to be used.

Richmond & Finch Lipstick Powerbank, $39

Credit: Revolve

Clutch V2 Lightning, $49.99

Credit: Clutch Charger

5. Snacks 

Back-to-back shows, meetings and events make it hard to find time for a sit-down meal. Keeping that in mind, with 10-hour days, your body needs proper nourishment to get you from show to show. Whether you’re looking for a protein meal replacer or a quick snack, the below options will keep your body happy and nourished between meals.

Sakara Super Bar Collection, $78

Credit: Sakara

Sakara makes clean, all-natural food you can trust. The Super Bar Collection includes three kinds of bars: Energy, Beauty and Detox. They’re all completely plant-based.

Gimme Sea Salt & Avocado Oil Roasted Seaweed (6 Pack), $5.99

Credit: Gimme Snacks

Seaweed is a superfood packed with nutrition to keep your body healthy and strong. Available in an array of flavors, Gimme Snacks Seaweed is a light and refreshing snack.

Orgain Nutritional Shake (12 Pack), $29.99

Credit: Orgain

Orgain Protein is clean, delicious and can fit in your Bottega clutch for a little afternoon pick-me-up.

Trail Mix Variety Pack, $16.99

Credit: sells the perfect personal-size nut packet to grab on the go — plus it’s packed with protein. The variety pack comes with 24 individual packets, which will last you the week.

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