New York shop makes ‘heart-breaking’ desserts for all sorts of occasions

New York City is full of little underground confectionaries and Sweet Little Goods is no exception. 

You can only get your hands on desserts from the “dipped and decorated treat” shop by placing an order on Instagram and picking it up in Queens. But judging from the store’s offerings the trip will be well worth the effort. Every foodie knows presentation counts and Sweet Little Goods has got it in spades. 

Strawberry shortcake dipped strawberries with strawberries and cream flavored Baileys, Marzipan and Tajin chocolate-covered berries and cannabis “nug” inspired berries are just a few covetable items from their selection. 

But one of their coolest treats is for heartbreakers only

“This box includes an edible chocolate heart in milk chocolate or colored white chocolate, filled with either chocolate or candy and a mini hammer!” the caption explained. “We also have a mini add-on menu! These are perfect for birthdays, small gender reveals, bridal proposals and for any and every special occasion.”

The clip shows a massive chocolate heart nestled in a white gift box. Then a hammer comes along and smashes the front of it to smithereens. Inside there are Hershey’s and Mr. Goodbars along with a mini bottle of silver Pátron.

“This is amazing!” one user wrote

“You nailed this shot!” another said

“Love this, so cute,” one person added

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