New Yorker seeks his first ever solo apartment in downtown Manhattan with $2,500 budget

On this episode of In The Know: Find My Dream Room, host Will Taylor (@brightbazaar) helps Peter lock down his first solo apartment in Manhattan, after living with roommates in Hell’s Kitchen. Will shows Peter plenty of amazing options within his $2,500 budget, but will he find his dream space?

The first apartment Will shows Peter is a $2,000 studio in the heart of the West Village. While the space is small, it’s got a great layout, and Peter loves all the natural light the apartment gets. The building also has an elevator, which was a must-have for Will after living in a walk-up. 

The next space on deck is a spacious railroad apartment that’s technically a one-bedroom, for $2,300. Peter loves that this apartment is larger than the previous one, but he wishes that every room in the apartment had some natural light. 

The third and final apartment is a $2,000 studio in Hell’s Kitchen—Peter’s current neighborhood. Peter loves that the view outside the windows has a lot of greenery, but doesn’t like the limited natural light the apartment gets. 

One month after the viewings, Peter returned to share his decision that he went with apartment number one! “I really loved all the natural lighting that it got. I really loved the kitchen, and the final push was the location,” he tells In The Know. “I have fallen in love with the West Village, and I’m really happy with my decision.” 

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