New Yorkers save money, ride the subway with their giant couch

A group of TikTokers boldly went where most New Yorkers wouldn’t dare to go: on the subway with a giant couch. 

Here in New York City, everything is expensive and nothing is easy. So naturally, that means everyone’s worst nightmare, moving, costs a big chunk of money and is ultra-challenging. To bypass the $350 delivery fee for a new couch, TikToker Jonah and a few friends brought it on the subway instead. Opting for a $2.75 Metro card swipe is definitely smart financially, but the couch’s journey was arduous. 


thanks but we’ll pass on the $350 delivery fee 🥰 we did it for 2.75 #diy #nyc #subway #funny #comedy #moving #budget #couch

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Jonah documented the long trip from start to finish. First, he and his friends carried the couch down into the subway. They managed to squeeze it on a train, which luckily was pretty empty. Then the trio had to carry it back up the stairs and navigate the busy city streets with it. 

But even when they got it to their apartment, the adventure wasn’t over. The couch was too big to fit in the doorway. Exhausted as they were, they managed to remove the door off its hinges and fit the couch inside. In the end, a little elbow grease and teamwork make the dream work. 

The video racked up 1.4 million views on TikTok. 

“You guys own NYC,” someone commented

“And you’re all still friends? I’m impressed,” a user joked

“This is the most NYC thing I’ve ever seen,” another wrote

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