TikToker explains how she got ‘trapped’ in New Zealand during an internship

A TikToker is going viral after sharing the wild story of how she once got “trapped” in New Zealand.

The story comes from user Caroline Kennedy (@carolinekennnedy). In her clip, the TikToker shared how she traveled all the way from the U.S. to New Zealand for an internship. But immediately after landing, she found out it had been canceled.

Her video is the latest in a long entry of viral TikToks that chronicle bizarre or hilarious mishaps abroad. In one recent clip, an American revealed what happened when she tried to order “chips and salsa” in Italy. In another, a woman living in Paris shared how a local grocery chain markets its “American” food items.

Kennedy’s story was brief, and thankfully ended happily. However, the tale still captured over 170,000 views and thousands of excited comments.

“A few years ago I got trapped in New Zealand for a hot minute,” the TikToker says at the start of her clip, “because I was minorly involved in an international political scandal.”

As Kennedy goes on to explain, she was extremely excited about the chance to work in New Zealand. But as she found out just hours into her journey, there were a few problems with the internship.

“As soon as I landed I checked my email,” she says. “The internship had emailed me and they were like, ‘Ooh, pack your bags and go home. Never mind. I almost barfed on the spot because I was so upset.”

According to Kennedy, it turned out that the internship lost its funding because its financial backing was in some way illegal. She did not reveal the name of the program or whether the internship program ever returned.

Instead, the TikToker focused on how she embraced her dilemma. Kennedy claims the internship gave her a stipend to make sure she could survive until she got home. So she used it to travel the country.

“I rented a car that I lived out of for the next two weeks, traveling around the country,” she said.

TikTokers, in general, were jealous of Kennedy’s mishap.

“Sounds like it was better than what was gonna happen anyway,” one user wrote.

“Now that is a great story,” another added.

“The fact they gave you a stipend,” another wrote. “A US company would never.”

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