Newborn’s penguin photo shoot charms TikTok: ‘My ovaries are screaming’

The “cutest penguin ever” has people experiencing “baby fever,” so we urge you to watch with caution. 

An Indiana-based registered nurse and newborn photographer, Amy Haehl left TikTok in a tizzy with a peek at one of her photo shoots. Haehl was snapping pictures of an infant she dubbed the “cutest penguin ever.” 

In the video, Haehl carefully positioned a cherub-cheeked newborn in a cozy, knitted penguin costume. The onesie had tiny wings, orange feet and a hat with a beak and eyes. 

The baby was so young that its eyes hadn’t opened yet. The little one was merely an adorable little ball of preciousness. 

The clip racked up a whopping 41.5 million views, 6.4 million likes and 42,000 comments. It’s surely tugging at the heartstrings of anyone remotely susceptible to cuteness. 

“Nope I refuse to get baby fever let me keep it moving,” a person wrote

“Not a fan of animals for newborn photography but this is actually adorable!!” someone commented

“This is giving me baby fever and I’m already pregnant lol,” a TikToker added

“My ovaries are SCREAMING,” another said with a crying emoji. 

“Omg this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!” someone replied

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