Mom stunned to discover newborn daughter snores just like dad: ‘Say goodbye to sleep’

Sometimes you just need a break from your partner’s snoring. The congested groans and roars can be loud enough to wake anyone up from a deep sleep — so much so that experts have studied whether snoring can ruin a marriage.

Meanwhile, some couples have opted for “sleep divorce,” where one person sleeps in a different bedroom.

But what happens when the snoring isn’t just coming from your partner but from the kids, too? One mom found out the hard way after giving birth to her baby girl

Katie Bagatie posted a video on TikTok sharing her plight as a mom seriously caught between a rock and a hard place. 

Bagatie looked straight into the camera, flinching with irritation at the sound of snoring. The camera then panned to her husband, sound asleep on the couch.

At first, he seemed like the sole source of the noise — until she showed her baby girl. The newborn was tucked in a bundle, wheezing in her sleep just like her dad

“Please send help,” Bagatie wrote in the caption. 

The relatable video scored her a whopping 5.4 million views on TikTok

“Precisely why my partner and I sleep in separate rooms,” one person joked

“I’m laughing so hard. Sorry, girl. Get some earplugs now,” another commented

“Mama, say goodbye to sleep,” someone added

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