News reporter alleges Mattel stole her likeness for special Barbie doll

A former broadcast journalist claims that Mattel stole her likeness for its news anchor Barbie doll.

Olivia Mancuso was a television reporter for five years before eventually making a career switch. In 2017, Mattel announced a new range of Barbie dolls for its 60th anniversary including a news anchor version of the iconic toy. Mancuso, who was still working as a reporter at the time, tweeted about how she thought the doll looked like her during the initial launch. But in July she remade the claim on TikTok

“In January of 2017, I wore this outfit, a purple dress, a blue necklace and nude heels — thought nothing of it. Until 11 months later,” Mancuso says in the clip


so Barbie stole my likeness and there’s nothing I can do about it. #NicerToMe #HiddenGems #UnitedWeDance #greenscreen #xyzbca

♬ original sound – _olivia_mancuso_

She explained that her friend sent her a photo of the reporter Barbie after thinking it also looked strikingly similar to Mancuso. The doll has the same color dress — although it’s sleeveless — nude heels and a statement necklace. The doll also appears to have olive-colored skin, unlike Barbie, and also has long brunette hair.  

The reporter then displayed a screenshot of a Tweet exchange between her and Mattel in the video. The official Mattel Twitter replied to Mancuso’s accusation with “Incredible style, Olivia!”

“So yeah I am pretty sure Mattel stole my likeness and there’s nothing I can do about,” Mancuso claimed. “But it’s pretty cool to say that I have a Barbie that looks a lot like me. And yes I do own her.”

While Mancuso may never know what the real truth is, it seems like there might be a very specific trend in how news anchors dress.

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