Meet Nicholas Galitzine, the prince in Camila Cabello’s ‘Cinderella’ movie

There’s a new live adaptation of Cinderella starring pop star Camila Cabello coming to Amazon Prime. 

The musical rom-com features Cabello as the titular star, Billy Porter as the fairy godparent and Idina Menzel as the evil stepmother. As for Cinderella’s love interest Prince Charming, the coveted role goes to Nicholas Galitzine. Here’s everything you need to know about the latest Gen Z heartthrob. 

Who is Nicholas Galitzine? 

Galitzine was born in London on Sept. 24, 1993. He began singing in the choir at 10 years old and attended the youth theater company at the Pleasance in Islington. In high school, he played soccer and rugby. The actor has 324,000 followers on Instagram

He’s been in several television series and films

Galitzine has had leads in Handsome Devil, The Craft: Legacy and The Beat Beneath My Feet. He has also appeared in Chambers, The Changeover and Legends.

He was considered a late-bloomer when it came to acting

Despite nabbing his first film role at 20 years old, Galitzine pursued acting later than his peers. While attending an all-boys school, much of his focus was on playing rugby and soccer. After an injury, he set his sights on acting. But his friends told him he was too late. 

 “I had voiced these hopes and aspirations to some of my friends who had been actors throughout school,” Galitzine told Flaunt, “and they were very much saying, like, ‘Oh, it’s too late to get into acting. You have to start when you’re really young.’

He got his first role by chasing a girl

“There was a girl who was going up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival who I really fancied,” Galitzine told Wonderland. “I did [the festival] so I could go chase this girl. And I came back with this acting agency.”

He ended up scoring the lead role in 2014’s The Beat Beneath My Feet which led to a part in Netflix’s short-lived sci-fi Chambers. 

He didn’t want to take any prince roles at first

Before he booked his Prince Charming gig, Galitzine auditioned to play a different prince. The experience left him sour on the idea of prince roles since the character felt cliche.

“The character seemed to tread the same path as all of these other one-dimensional princes,” Galitzine told Flaunt. “I got right down to the director session, and it didn’t go my way. I called my agents and I said, ‘I just think I need to swear off of princes for a little bit because it just didn’t feel very gratifying.’” 

However, when he read for Prince Charming his mind changed. He felt the rebooted character was, “much more multifaceted than his other princely contemporaries.”

Galitzine loves fashion 

The actor is a fan of eclectic fashion and likes playing characters who each have their own style, according to an interview with Vogue. 

“Something that I’ve definitely taken on when I think of my style icons — people like Harry Styles and the way he’s managed to bring a femininity to his masculinity — is that that’s definitely the way that we’re moving as men going into 2021,” he told Vogue. 

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