British chef’s pronunciation of ‘microwave’ will melt your brain

As an American, there are times when I have to put on subtitles while watching a British TV show, depending on how thick the accents are (looking at you, Love Island).

It’s funny every once in a while to hear how people across the pond pronounce things. Usually, it sounds fancier — that is, until chef Nigella Lawson stunned both American and British viewers by pronouncing “microwave” in the strangest way during her BBC cooking series.

On an episode of Cook, Eat, Repeat, Lawson appears to be preparing mashed potatoes and says she adds “a bit of milk, full fat, which I’ve warmed in the microwave” — pronouncing “microwave” as “meek-ro-wah-vay.”

Twitter, of course, lost its mind.

“I feel embarrassed,” one person tweeted in response. “Been pronouncing it wrong this whole time.”

“You all do realize that this only sounds cool with her British accent,” another Twitter user pointed out. “If she had an American accent … not so much.”

Many users compared it to “Targée,” the “fancy way” people sometimes refer to Target. Others seemed convinced that Lawson was in on the joke and did it on purpose.

“She’s just mucking about and deliberately mispronouncing words,” someone said.

It turns out, Lawson thinks it’s very funny to mispronounce words. In response to a Twitter user saying that their family “deliberately mispronounces words” for fun, Lawson said, “We do, too. Exactly that.”

Looks like the joke’s on us.

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