Woman has ‘nightmare’ experience in LAX parking lot: ‘The car park is gaslighting you’

A woman is going viral for being caught in a maddening parking lot.

Alexia Petruzziello’s video of her disappearing car trapped in a garage near LAX Airport in Los Angeles has been watched over 34 million times. Petruzziello was able to view her parked car from the level above it. But each time she went down a level to access the vehicle, the lot below would be totally empty. 

“Talk about a nightmare. I’m gonna freak the f*** out in two seconds,” Petruzziello told the camera. “I parked on floor f****** five okay. I could have sworn I parked in like one of these.”

She gestured toward the parking spaces near her. Petruzziello made her way to the ledge of the parking level where she pointed to her car, named “Brady,” down below. She explained that Brady was clearly down one level. And if she walked down to the end of the incline she was on, it would logically lead to the next level below. 

“You will not believe how many times I’ve gone up and down this f****** floor,” she told the camera. 

But when she got to the bottom of the incline, the parking lot was totally empty. “Where’s my car?” Petruzziello said, clearly frustrated. 

“I would’ve just left and bought a new car,” a user commented

“This happened to me, and I ended up sitting on the ground to cry for a second,” another wrote

“The car park is gaslighting you,” someone joked

In the end, Petruzziello had to get assistance from a staff member to retrieve her car. It turns out the parking lot was a double helix garage, a parking lot made of two intertwined spirals in order to create a continuous flow of traffic in one direction. Needless to say, they can be a little confusing to navigate. 

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