Who is NikkieTutorials? The beauty guru has a one-of-a-kind story

NikkieTutorials, whose real name is Nikkie de Jager, is a beauty YouTuber from the Netherlands. She has over 13.7 million followers on YouTube and 14.5 million on Instagram

The makeup artist has amassed a rabid following, even through some of her more public highs and lows. Here’s everything you need to know about NikkieTutorials, a beauty guru with a one-of-a-kind story. 

NikkieTutorials is best known for her beauty tutorials and often collaborates with celebrities.

Inspired by Lauren Conrad’s makeup on MTV’s The HillsNikkieTurorials launched her YouTube channel in 2008. But it wasn’t until 2015 that things really blew up thanks to her “The Power of Makeup” tutorial. The thoughtful video (which has over 42 million views at press time) about makeup-shaming went viral

She has since given makeovers to celebrity clientele like Lauren Conrad, Selena Gomez and Maddie Zeigler

How old is she — and how tall is she?

Nikkie de Jager was born on March 2, 1994, in Wageningen, Netherlands. She’s 26 years old and 6’4″.

She recently got engaged to her fiancé, Dylan Drossaers.

NikkieTutorials became engaged Dylan Drossaers during a trip to Italy in August 2019. She rarely posts about her relationship, but it looks like the two started dating in 2018. 

She came out as transgender in early 2020 after saying someone attempted to ‘blackmail’ her.

On January 13, Nikkie shared with her audience that she is transgender in a video. The news was bittersweet since she was not able to share her story on her own terms because she said someone tried to blackmail her. 

“Oh my god, this is so liberating. You had no idea that for 11 years that I’ve had my channel, this has been with me and I always wanted to share this with you,” she said in the video. “But I cannot believe that after today, the world will know. But there’s one thing that I really, really want to make so clear to all of you. I am me. I am still Nikkie. Nothing changes about that.”

NikkieTutorials also said she was robbed at gunpoint in her own home.

On August 9, 2020, she claimed that someone broke into her home and held her and Drossaers at gunpoint. 

“Earlier today one of my biggest nightmares became reality when we got robbed under gunpoint at our own home,” she wrote on Instagram. “Dylan and myself got attacked, but physically we’re okay. Mentally it’s a whole other story.”

She took some time away from social media to regroup after the alleged robbery.

As for her business ventures, she has an eyeshadow palette collaboration with Beauty Bay.

In 2020, NikkieTutorials launched an eyeshadow palette with U.K. retailer Beauty Bay

“This is the one thing in my life where I have control over right now,” she said. “I haven’t collaborated with a brand for years.”

The guru had previously worked with Too Face, but the collab appears to have led to some drama.

Fellow YouTuber Jeffrey Star alleged the company hadn’t sufficiently paid her. She later confirmed the allegations on Twitter according to Pop Buzz

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