Ninja makes epic return to Twitch with two-hour Fortnite stream

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is finally back on Twitch where he belongs.

On August 5, nearly a year after signing an exclusivity deal with Microsoft’s Mixer, Ninja returned to Twitch for a two-hour-long Fortnite streaming session.

“Super early stream planned within 14 hours was a super success on twitch with Dr Lupo,” Ninja tweeted. “I really missed this.”

Yesterday’s stream marks the first time that Ninja has streamed on Twitch since signing his exclusivity deal with Mixer. When the streaming service shut down and partnered with Facebook Gaming in late June, Ninja was seemingly released from his contract — rumored to be worth up to $30 million — leaving him to stream wherever he pleases.

On July 8, Ninja tested the waters with YouTube and streamed himself playing FortNite for more than an hour. That debut stream already has more than 4 million views and several thousand comments.

Ninja’s recent return to Twitch racked up quite a few viewers, too. According to his tweet, the stream had an average viewership of 70,319 viewers and more than 1.2 million live views.

Ninja isn’t the only popular streamer who’s signed an exclusivity contract. In July, rapper Logic announced that he signed an exclusivity deal with Twitch worth seven figures. Felix Kjellberg — AKA PewDiePie — also announced in May that he had signed an exclusive live-streaming deal with YouTube.

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