Woman says there’s ‘no way’ she’s pregnant, then gets the surprise of her life

A woman took a pregnancy test as a joke, then got a surprise of her life. 

Few moments can compare to discovering your body is literally carrying life. TikToker Lexi managed to capture the stunning moment in her bathroom, seemingly by accident. She suspected she might be pregnant but was certain there was no way she actually was. So Lexi decided to record herself taking a pregnancy test to prove she was “just being dramatic.” 


In honor of being out of the 1st trimester. Lmk if you wanna see my moms reaction #pregnancyannouncement #pregnant🤰

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“Me thinking there is no way I’m pregnant, so I made a video to send to my friends to prove I was just being dramatic,” Lexi wrote in the caption. 

When the results were in, she couldn’t look. Instead, she held the pregnancy test to the camera first. It was positive. When she did muster up the courage to look at the test, she gasped. 

Lexi covered her mouth in total shock and gently placed the pregnancy test on the counter. She was in so much disbelief she sat on the toilet with her mouth completely agape. 

“When I tell you I started double-checking the instructions to see if “+” actually meant negative,” she said

The video racked up 17.9 million views and 2.8 million likes on TikTok

“I have never seen a test look more positive,” a user joked

“Mine was disrespectfully this dark too. It was positive before I even got my pants back up,” another wrote

“LMAO. I remember this feeling exactly, except I did absolutely nothing to prevent it,” someone commented

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