We made an omelet — out of instant ramen?

This is a Tried It episode for the history books, people! The noodle omelet is exactly what it sounds like — and it’s about to become a staple in my everyday routine. 

[Record scratch] You’re probably wondering how I got here, in a position where I am actually excited to make a TikTok recipe. It’s a feeling I never thought I’d experience, especially since I’ve eaten things like rattlesnakes, a very wet pie and liquid vegan cheese.

What is a noodle omelet?

This is sort of an homage to the Indonesian snack, Dadar Mie Instan. All you need is a packet of instant ramen, two eggs, chopped scallions and some hot sauce.

How do you make a noodle omelet?

First, boil some water to cook the ramen. After the noodles are cooked, add the seasoning that comes with the ramen, two eggs and the scallions. Mix it all together in a bowl.

Next, pour the mixture into a pan on the stove and cook like a regular omelet, checking underneath to make sure the bottom layer of egg is properly cooked before flipping it. Add some hot sauce, and enjoy!

Are noodle omelets good?

You know when you binge a really good TV show and it’s all you think about, read about and want to talk about? That’s me and the noodle omelet now — it’s such a good meal! Instant ramen brands and egg farms should be paying me now, I’ve advertised it to so many people.

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