Here’s why ‘nose beauty’ is having a moment

Gen Z is embracing nose jewelry and fashion. But the adornments are really all about celebrating yourself. 

While nothing is certain, scientists have long believed that the shape of our noses is related to the climate our ancestors lived in. Thus, noses have been historically used as a way to discriminate against certain ethnicities and uphold racist beauty standards. It’s not uncommon for people to receive cosmetic surgery to make themselves appear more European, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

But in recent years, there has been a backlash to this kind of whitewashing of features. Today there are plastic surgeons who specialize in “ethnic rhinoplasty,” in which they alter the nose while keeping its ethnic characteristics. 

“Patients wish to correct a crooked nose, asymmetry, humps, and wide nostrils but they also wish to hold onto their ethnic identity,” Dr. Melissa Doft, a double board-certified plastic surgeon told The Cut. “There is no longer the belief that there is one nose for everyone but each nose is individually tailored to fit the patient’s face and beauty ideals.” 

The nose has become the feature to highlight, not downplay or ignore. The Cut dubbed 2021 “The Year of the Strong Nose.” Meanwhile, Zoomers on TikTok have begun showing off their noses to take pride in their unique features. 

“Little by little, we’re letting go of Eurocentric beauty standards and are becoming more proud of our features,” nose jewelry designer Celest Salgado Morale told The Cut. “I think eccentric jewelry that showcases the nose is a huge result of that. People used to not want to accentuate their noses at all but I’m glad that’s changed and people are embracing their features more.”

The nose has become a symbol of pride in one’s heritage. So it’s no shocker that people are doing everything they can to center the once-neglected feature. Nose rings, septum pierces and other forms of jewelry that accentuate the nose are having a moment. 

Gen Z fashion icon Hunter Schafer is known for her prominent nose. She rocked a massive nose accessory at the 2021 Met Gala. 

Luxury fashion brands like Gucci have even begun to incorporate ornate nose rings into their campaigns. 

This Instagrammer used extravagant red makeup to highlight her nose. 

Another user turned her eye and nose makeup into a Rorschach test for a clever look.  

A makeup artist used pearl decals along the bridge of a model’s nose for a soft, ethereal look. 

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