TikTokers stand up for their basic quirks with trending ‘that is not a crime’ sound: ‘Why are we like this?’

Everyone has their quirks — big or small — and TikTokers are using a new trend to take a stand against those who have something to say about their oddities.

The quirks people are defending are things like having the volume at a certain level or just wearing pajamas whenever possible. 

Many people thought the sound used with this trend was Emma Roberts, Amy Adams or even something from HBO’s Euphoria. However, it is actually from Dhar Mann, a short film miniseries created by Dhar Mann. The actress saying the line is Madhulika Krishnan, who appeared in 20 episodes. 

In this particular episode, she portrayed a nanny caught overstepping her boundaries many times. When the mother of the child she nannied showed security footage of her breaking the rules, her character responded, “Okay. You got me there, but that is not a crime.”

The specific video used in this trend comes from @iluv1fa_. The video has over 2 million views, and the sound has over 24,000 videos under it. Once users realized it’s from Dhar Mann, they had a blast with the audio. 


like PLEASEE LEAVE ME ALONEE 🥹 #blazer #caught

♬ you got me there – ifa ꨄ︎

“WAIT THIS SOUND WAS FROM DHAR MANN,” said @z.xxya under the video. 

This video from @nicholas_flannery is exactly what thousands of users do with the trend.

“It either has to end in 0 or 5,” commented @ihavementalbreakdowns.

As people share their whims, others have expressed how they feel seen by the videos.

“Why are we like this?” said @aprilbmartin under the same video.

None of the allegations the TikTokers face are as serious as the ones depicted in the show. Although caught being weird and different, they are all correct in their response that unique habits aren’t a crime.

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