Here’s how to get around TikTok’s ‘For You’ recommendations

The “For You” page (FYP) on TikTok is the platform’s version of a homepage. It uses an elaborate algorithm to fill every user’s feed with personalized video recommendations. Most people say the FYP is scarily accurate about detecting their interests.

But if you want to break free of the robot overloads and live an FYP-free life, there’s actually a way to get around the algorithm.

Here’s how to watch TikTok videos without FYP recommendations.

How it works

Benjamin Grosser created a new tool called “Not For You” that allows users to see their TikTok homepage un-curated. Grosser called it an “automated confusion system” that basically misleads TikTok’s algorithm. It also pulls videos that the TikTok puppet masters suppress. 

“Through its alternative personality-agnostic choices of what to like, who to follow and which posts to share, Not For You should make the For You Page less addictive and hopefully steer users away from feeling like the best path to platform success is through mimicry and conformity,” Grosser said on his website

How to use it

You can add the tool as a browser extension on Firefox or Chrome for OS. Not For You will automatically start when you open TikTok on the web browser. 

Is it safe to use?

Sort of. The “Not For You” app won’t hurt your device, but TikTok has bot detectors that can put your account in “jail” for anywhere from hours to days. Grosser recommends making a throwaway account to use the tool and only running it for about an hour a day. 

Try at your own risk!

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