Not Skinny But Not Fat host Amanda Hirsch isn’t afraid to say what everyone else thinking about celebrities

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If you’re looking for a new source of celebrity news and commentary, there’s one Instagram account that you should be following: @NotSkinnyButNotFat.

Amanda Hirsch, the woman behind the account and the podcast of the same name, does one of the best jobs on the internet of not only tracking the latest moves, outfits and relationships of the likes of the Kardashians, the Biebers and other Hollywood A-listers, but also delivering some of the most on-point commentary you can find. She perfectly walks the line between saying what everyone else is thinking while also keeping it mostly positive.

On this week’s episode of In The Know’s pop culture interview series, We Should Talk, Amanda Hirsch opened up about her approach to celebrity commentary on her increasingly popular Not Skinny But Not Fat platform, her thoughts on the Kardashian-Jenners’ most recent happenings, DMing with celebrities like Sophie Turner, being blocked by celebrities like Alec Baldwin, the future of Bravo shows Vanderpump Rules and Summer House and more.

Listen to In The Know’s full episode with Not Skinny But Not Fat host Amanda Hirsch below, and keep scrolling for highlights from the interview:

Amanda Hirsch on DMing with Sophie Turner and getting her to take down her Instagram rant about paparazzi taking photos of her baby: “Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas had a baby, Willa. Such a cute name! They do not show the baby. They do not speak of the baby. There’s not a baby hand, a baby foot, a baby bottle… there are other celebrities who do emojis or show the back of the head. […] I have some insider scoop. Sophie Turner is one of my most exciting follows, that follows me. That was an exciting one for me! I’ve actually talked to her. She’s super cool and super nice. She actually went — and people probably missed this — she went on an Instagram rant [but] she took it down pretty quickly after. She was in a dark room with her cute British accent, she was very angry, she was like a shadow with the lights off. It was up for, like, five minutes. She was like, ‘To the paparazzi who took the photo….’ What happens when someone says don’t do something? We want to do it, right? If she’s saying, ‘A paparazzi took a photo of my baby,’ what is the first thing we’re gonna do? […] I’m like, ‘Sophie…’ I literally DM’d her. Like I said, we’d DM’d before. I was like, ‘Babe! Everyone’s gonna go searching for the photo. Take [your post] down!’ I went to search for the photo. It should be the most common sense, but if you’re not, I guess, a super big social media person or you’re not a loser like we are, maybe you don’t think that people are gonna do that. But I felt so bad, because I was like, ‘Oh, my God! She literally told the whole world that there’s a photo, and nobody knew there was a photo!’ We didn’t know there was a photo! […] She answered me and was like, ‘Oh, my God my husband just told me I’m a f**king idiot.’ This is inside scoop too, but I go, ‘Yeah, not the smartest move.’ I was scared that our friendship was going to be over when I hadn’t heard back from her in a little bit but, no, she was like, ‘Thank you, queen!'”

Amanda Hirsch on Shanna Moakler blocking her on Instagram and cancelling her appearance on Not Skinny But Not Fat amid Kravis controversies: “I was supposed to have her on my podcast. I was already talking to her booker before she blocked me! I was talking to her booker, and her booker was like, ‘Yeah, she’s down. Obviously she’ll talk about Kravis stuff, but she also wants to talk about other stuff.’ I was like, ‘I’m down.’ Literally in my mind I always adhere to the law that we talked about which was I’m posting stuff that I’m okay with her seeing. At the end of the day it’s a weird thing to cover, because we started to talk about kids, but they’re the ones unfolding it on social media! I’m not getting leaked reports from the inside of her home. I actually don’t [know what I posted that prompted her to block me]. Every time I discover I’m blocked it’s this really [thing of] pathetic me trying to find someone and being like, ‘I can’t find them! I don’t know why!’

Amanda Hirsch on next season of Vanderpump Rules being make it or break it for the show: “I think it’s maybe going to turn into a Housewives, where with the Housewives we know that they’re coworkers, we know a lot of it needs to be manifested and curated to happen. I feel like with Vanderpump it’s going to be the same thing. It’s like these group events that we know would never happen if they weren’t filming and things like that. It’s a little disappointing, but of course we’ll watch. This goes without saying whenever we talk about it: Of course we’ll watch. But I also know — and know closely — that they know and we know that they know that we know that they have to bring it this season for it to stick around.”

Amanda Hirsch on being interviewed by the New York Times for her coverage of the Hilaria Baldwin scandal: “So many outlets and magazines and whatever wrote pieces about her, but I legit got an email from The New York Times. I was like, ‘I made it! Bye!’ They were like, ‘We’re doing an exposé on Hilaria, and we wanna interview you for it.’ I wanted to make it very clear that I am in no way taking credit for being a sleuth. I thought they were doing just another piece about it, but they were actually breaking her side of the story. They interviewed her! I felt kind of weird about that, because it was white privilege that she was getting to tell her story in The New York Times. Being in that moment in history and being on the phone with a New York Times reporter, never mind the fact that she didn’t end up putting my commentary in — and I’m fine with it — when she called me and said, ‘I just got off the phone with Hilaria and now I’m interviewing me.’ I was like, ‘Let me take a moment.’ […] I really didn’t feel like I could contribute anything else other than what you’ve already seen. She just wanted me opinion, but it was wild to be part of. I then spoke to the reporter about her interview, and she was telling me things off the record that were wild.”

Watch In The Know’s full interview with Amanda Hirsch below, and listen to her podcast, Not Skinny But Not Fat, here:

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