Noure Essentials brings self-care into any room with its candles

“Shop Small” is a series where we speak to founders of small businesses on how their products and services address the needs of their community.

In this day and age, candles have low-key become essential to our well-being at home. Kiara Palmer and her brand Noure Essentials takes advantage of that very notion.  

With seven different aromas, Noure Essentials candles create self-care experiences. The brand carries several different candle sizes including scented sprays. However, Palmer explains that her love for aromatherapy is what really jumpstarted the candle brand.

“I like how when I come home I have a nice scent going,“ she says. “I really wanted some thing that I can call my own, and I can create and do whatever I want with it, so I just started my own candle company.“

Noure Essentials carries scents like Driftwood and Juniper, Yuzu Blossom and Hinoki, and Irish and Ginger Blossom. Palmer says Irish and Ginger Blossom is her favorite. Plus, she says both men and women can enjoy it “[Because] it’s a very androgynous scent.”

Shop: Iris + Ginger Blossom, $34.99

Credit: Noure Essentials

Noure Essentials candles are hand poured as it is. Palmer, though, explains that she wasn’t an expert at candles and that she is completely self-taught.

“Months and months of trial and error I taught myself how to make candles from start to finish,” Palmer tells In The Know. “It took me a little longer to get the ropes because it’s very tedious.”

When Palmer decided on what to use to make her brand stand out, she decided simply on her face. Each of the candles has a silhouette of a face, giving a space in any an artsy edge.

Shop: Driftwood + Juniper, $24.99

Credit: Noure Essentials

“I always loved abstract art and abstract drawings,” Palmer says. “so I’m like, why not just incorporate what I love and like into something that I can give to others?”

Self-care is becoming more and more essential every day. Palmer is simply encouraging it in your space one candle at a time.

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