Nurse exposes the problem with common grocery store item: ‘You’ll never go back’

Chrissy, AKA chrissycrna on TikTok, is a nurse anesthetist by day and the vegan blogger behind Chrissy Goes Hippy in her free time. After being a “full-time pork and cheese lover” she switched to a plant-based diet for her health and the environment’s sake. The nurse shares simple vegan recipes for people with busy schedules like her. 

In a TikTok from July, Chrissy dished on why she started making peanut butter at home

“If you’re concerned about the environment, one of the most frustrating things you can buy is peanut butter,” Chrissy explains in the clip. “As someone who went plant-based partly for environmental reasons, it really frustrates me that peanut butter almost always has palm oil in it.” 

According to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), palm oil is a common edible oil, found in nearly 50 percent of prepackaged supermarket foods, that contributes to deforestation. The natural habitats of Orangutans, pygmy elephants and Sumantran rhinos must be destroyed in order to harvest the oil. In doing so, millions of tons of harmful greenhouse gasses are emitted into the atmosphere. All the while, child labor laws are broken and workers are exploited. 

The nurse said that while there are palm-oil free options, the peanut butter always separates and they’re usually packaged in plastic. When Chrissy found one that she liked it was $11. Way too much.

Now she’s making her own two-ingredient peanut butter at home. All she does is place roasted unsalted peanuts and salt to her preference in a Ninja blender for 5 minutes. Chrissy said it never separates because it’s so fresh. Moreover, you can add your own flavors like cinnamon, chocolate or honey. 

“Once you try it yourself, you’ll never go back,” she concludes in the TikTok.

Chrissy’s easy recipe received 1.4 million views. TikTok users were convinced.

“Welp, you converted one person at least,” one user wrote

“I started doing this and I was amazed how easy it was,” another said

“This was the best thing I learned how to make in culinary school,” someone added

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