How nurse Felicia Boykin became Madden NFL’s first female MVP cover

Felicia Boykin is a nurse, the mother of an NFL player and now the first-ever female MVP on the cover of Madden NFL.

Miles Boykin, wide receiver for the Baltimore Ravens, made a Twitter post describing how he worked with Electronic Arts and Microsoft to make his mom Felicia an official Madden NFL cover. 

In the video, Boykin describes not only how he made all this happen, but also how much his mom supported his football career by taking him to practice and nurturing him through injuries. Felicia Boykin’s Xbox gift package included a copy of Madden 21 with her own cover, an Xbox with a game pass and two pairs of Nike Zoom Air Pulses, designed specifically for healthcare workers who are always on their feet.

Boykin also told his mom that her close colleagues at St. James Hospital will also receive their own Xbox consoles and copies of Madden 21.

So how did this unprecedented collaboration start? It all began when the 23-year-old NFL player confessed to the world that he has been billing his Xbox Live account to his mom’s credit card account since he was in sixth grade.

On July 16, Boykin said his mom finally discovered the charges.

When Boykin told his mom that he’d start paying for it on his own, she refused and told him that since she’s been paying this whole time, she might as well continue. Still, Boykin felt obligated to give back, which is when an official Xbox account tweeted at him, presumably to concoct this plan.

If you want to replace your own Madden 21 cover with healthcare hero and nurse Felicia Boykin as the MVP, snag it here below (courtesy of Polygon).

Credit: Electronics Arts / Microsoft

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