Nurse hides from coworkers after accidentally eating months-old food: ‘Surprise, I lied’

A nurse confessed to a secret so “embarrassing” that she lied directly to her coworker’s face. 

TikToker Jen Hamilton had no choice but to save face when another staff member confronted her about leftovers at work. However, she did have a laugh retelling the cringe story on social media. 

“If you’re watching this and you work with me: Surprise, I lied,” Hamilton joked

It all started when a coworker told her to help herself to some free food in the break room. She went and grabbed a leftover Chick-fil-A sandwich and some baked beans from a crockpot. 

Later that day, her coworker Mary asked if she ever got her crockpot. Hamilton had no idea what Mary was talking about. 

Then, Mary explained that, a month ago, she brought baked beans to a company barbecue in a crockpot. Suddenly, it all clicked. Mary asked if she had eaten the baked beans. Hamilton told her no. 

“I ate my own baked beans that I brought to a barbecue potluck a month ago!” Hamilton revealed

She said afterward that she had the “most aggressive form of diarrhea,” and she had no idea why — until the conversation with her coworker. 

The video racked up 5.9 million views on TikTok

“I can’t believe they didn’t have mold on them,” a user said

“I would just throw the whole crock pot away at this point,” another wrote

“How did you live through that?! How are you here to tell this?!” someone joked

“Omg my GI tract could never,” a TikToker replied

“Omg I would have lied too!!” a person added

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