Nurse shares ‘dos and don’ts’ for dads in the delivery room

Nurse Carly is a registered nurse certified in maternal newborn nursing (RNC-MNN) and a mom of three. She shares tips and hacks about pregnancy, postpartum life, giving birth and infant care.

While a lot of her content is for mothers, she dedicated one video to all the dads-to-be out there. 

Carly focused on the “dos and don’ts” for fathers in the delivery room. The 30-second clip is a quick rundown on how to be supportive and thoughtful during what can only be an anxiety-inducing time for both moms and dads


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“Don’t: sleep while she’s in active labor. Eat in front of her. Panic. Ask ‘how much longer?’ Complain about literally anything. Ask what you should do (because she doesn’t know either),” Carly explained

In the skit, she pretended to be a fussing father holed up in a delivery room complaining about the weather and taking naps on the couch. 

“Do: offer ice chips, chapstick and mints. Suggest a new position every 30 minutes,” she advised. “Ask a second nurse or student to have your phone during delivery to take video and pics. Encourage her. Have a plan for how you will have food waiting when you get to recovery.” 

The guide racked up 3.8 million views on TikTok

“Thank god my husband didn’t do that. He was supporting me and telling me I’m doing great,” a user wrote

“He sat next to me and napped when I did. It was very nice,” another commented

“My husband legit did the entire ‘don’t’ list,” someone added.

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