Nursery cam captures dad checking to make sure baby is still breathing: ‘This makes me love him so much’

This adorable TikTok video of a dad checking to make sure his baby is still breathing is so relatable!

Halie Hearon (@haliehearon) is a TikToker and mom who shares adorable videos of her baby, Shep, on TikTok. The new mom frequently posts TikTok videos featuring candid footage of herself, her boyfriend, and Shep caught on the nursery camera in Shep’s bedroom.

Halie recently shared footage of her boyfriend checking on Shep to make sure he was still breathing during his nap, and parents across TikTok couldn’t stop talking about how relatable it was. 

The video, which racked up 6.5 million views and counting, begins with Halie’s boyfriend entering Shep’s bedroom. The nursery camera footage is shot from above and shows the entire room, with Shep’s crib on one side and a dresser and door on the other. A caption reads, “Dads do it too.”

After entering the room, Halie’s boyfriend walks up to Shep’s crib and stands completely still for several moments, looking down on Shep as he sleeps. After a few seconds, he crouches down with his hands on his knees, leaning in closer to Shep. In a caption, Halie explains that the new dad is anxiously checking to make sure Shep is still breathing. “The ‘is you breathin’ stare,” the next caption reads. 

Eventually, the dad is fully satisfied that Shep is, in fact, breathing. He stands quietly and leaves the room. 

In a caption, Halie writes, “This makes me love him so much.”

Viewers also loved the video, and many parents shared similar stories and experiences in the comments section. 

“Sometimes I have to gently put my hand on my daughter to see if it rises,” one parent wrote. 

“Every time. But does anyone else stop breathing because you have to be really still to check?” another parent asked.

“I am worse. I move my baby’s hand to check if she’s okay. #overprotectivedadsarmy,” wrote one dad. 

Other parents warned that the impulse to check on your child doesn’t go away as they get older.

“My son is 10 and my daughter [is] 5 and I still do it every night before I go to bed,” one viewer admitted.

Another parent wrote, “I still do that to my kids as teenagers.”

Being a new parent can be nerve-wracking, and it’s common to worry that you’re doing things wrong. But Halie’s video shows how normal it is to be anxious about your baby’s well-being when you’re a new parent. Sometimes, worrying about your baby is just a sign of how much you love them!

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