TikTokers are divided over this ‘claustrophobic’ NYC apartment

A TikTok user who goes by @chanellefutrell_1 is going viral on the platform all thanks to her unusual NYC digs.

On July 26, she revealed that she had recently moved to the Big Apple — though her new apartment was “not exactly what [she] dreamed of” when she pictured living in NYC. That’s because, as you can see in her videos, the apartment is quite literally an attic.

When you open the door to @chanellefutrell_1 apartment, you enter a foyer of sorts where there is a closet and room for storage. You then have to climb some old, steep stairs to get to the attic, which serves as @chanellefutrell_1’s bedroom. It’s big enough for a bed, some storage chests and a vanity — but that’s about it.

Attached to the attic/bedroom is a narrow bathroom with all of the basic necessities — a shower, a sink and a toilet — plus a roof deck that @chanellefutrell_1 has full access to. Since the living space in the attic is so small, she rents a storage locker for all of the stuff she doesn’t need on a daily basis.

Recently, @chanellefutrell_1 revealed that she pays $1,200 in total for all of her accommodations: $1,100 a month for the attic apartment, which is located in Hamilton Heights, and $100 a month for her storage locker. And while some users were jealous of the “cozy” space, others called it “claustrophobic” and couldn’t understand why anyone would want to live like that.

“That’s insane,” one person said. “No kitchen. No dishwasher. No washer/dryer. No living room. Nothing and it’s $1,100. I can’t with NY.”

“More stairs than living space,” another added.

“This is so cute but I think I would get claustrophobic,” a third wrote.

Thankfully, @chanellefutrell_1 doesn’t seem to care what people think. On her TikTok, she proudly refers to herself as “that girl in the attic,” and she tells confused commenters that she’s perfectly happy with her living situation.

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