NYC shoppers stunned by A-list celebrity’s surprise appearance

Director Scott Derrickson posted never before seen footage of a certain “Doctor Strange” star surprising fans in a comic book store. 

Back in 2016, Benedict Cumberbatch was in the middle of filming his role as “Doctor Strange’s” titular character, when Derrickson suggested Cumberbatch make full use of his costume. 

“While shooting in Manhattan right in front of a comic book store, I spontaneously suggested to Benedict that he go inside and he agreed,” Derrickson wrote on Twitter

In his red cape and slicked-back hair, Cumberbatch waltzed into the narrow comic book store full of bashful fans. 

“Just wanted to come off the shelf and say hello. I get so bored being stuck on there,” Cumberbatch joked with the cashier, implying he had been conjured from a comic. 

The courteous workers asked to snap a photo with the Marvel superstar. Cumberbatch joked that if the film didn’t work out he may need to work there. 

“If the movie doesn’t work out and it bombs can I come and work with you guys at least? You guys can have a little booth and I can like, sign stuff,” Cumberbatch teased.

The cashier responded that the actor would have to ditch his British accent for an American one. 

Derrickson’s behind-the-scenes moment was viewed 1.8 million times on Twitter. While it’s always nice when stars connect with the people that make their jobs possible, we don’t expect to see Cumberbatch shilling comics any time soon. After all, “Doctor Strange” grossed $677 million in the box office. 

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