TikTokers are utterly impressed with New York City’s COVID-19 care packages

New York City is sending free care packages to some of its residents who have been exposed to COVID-19, and social media users are very impressed with the move.

TikTok user @mainly_suffering shared footage of herself opening one of the packages, which she received after apparently coming in contact with someone who later tested positive for the deadly disease.

“I have to be home for two weeks because I came in contact with someone with COVID,” she says in the clip, which has since been viewed over 185K times. “So I just wanted to show you guys what’s in the care package that the City of New York sent me.”

“First, we have this brochure with a lot of information in it, like what’s in the care package, how to wear a face mask, a place to put down your temperature every day, various other information,” she says while unboxing. “It’s also in a bunch of different languages.”

The package also contained disinfectant wipes, single-use thermometers, disposable face masks, hand sanitizer, two at-home COVID-19 tests and a free Xbox game pass.

Viewers were pretty impressed by the city’s response as the world continues battling the pandemic.

“NYC is its own country really,” one user wrote.

“New York is really handling this so much better than the rest of the country,” said another.

That is AMAZING!” remarked a third. “Imagine if every city cared enough for their residents to do that. We could be so much more accurate.”

The New York City Mayor’s Office even tweeted out @mainly_suffering’s video, captioning it, “It’s the FREE COVID-19 support for me.”

If you are in NYC and believe you have either been exposed to the coronavirus or have tested positive and need to quarantine, contact the Test & Trace Corps to request a “Take Care” package.

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