Obstetrician shares what it’s like delivering 7 babies in a 10-hour shift

An obstetrician (OB) showed what it was like working a slow day in labor and delivery

Dr. Shannon M. Clark is a high-risk OB in Galveston, Texas. Her TikTok is dedicated to informing parents about the medical side of giving birth. The doctor shared what a day chock-full of delivering babies is really like. 

Dr. Clark’s 10-hour shift began at 6:45 a.m. By 7:26 a.m., she had delivered two babies, and by the end of the day, she had assisted in seven births. Her day also included performing three postpartum bilateral tubal ligations.  

By the end of the exhausting day, Dr. Clark was pleased with having conducted seven successful vaginal deliveries. This meant that none of the mothers underwent serious complications. 

“We have had all vaginal deliveries today in a high-risk population. I’ll take it. That makes me happy,” she said, giving a thumbs up. 

People praised the doctor for sharing insights into her field. 

“Have you ever counted the number of babies you’ve delivered during your career?” someone asked. Dr. Clark responded, “I estimate over 10,000,” adding in the comments that this was an example of a “slow day.” 

“Love these videos! Due in five weeks, and it is making me less nervous about labor,” a user replied

“I loved seeing this. Everyone assumes OBs have mostly C-sections, so it’s great seeing a day of SVDs,” another said

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