TikTok users are putting themselves on blast for the ridiculous things they buy

The “D***, what is that, bro?” trend is taking over TikTok — and it involves pretending you’re offering to pay for something.

The new meme is the physical embodiment of “take my money!” People are revealing the ridiculous things they spend their cash on — or poking fun at the way other people spend it — in the most hilarious way. 

Here’s why TikTokers are dangling their cash and credit cards at the camera. 

The ‘offering to pay’ trend started with a soccer joke

“Real Madrid when they see a Brazillian teenager do a stepover,” @fubogoal_172 captioned a video. 

Then he banged his hand on the table while holding his credit card to suggest Real Madrid would immediately snag up the teen soccer player. 

The original sound is now associated with 76,000 videos as the trend takes off.

“Damn, what is that, bro?” a voiceover says, followed by several banging sounds. 

Most of the videos in the trend follow the same format. The sound plays while a caption reveals the absurd thing the user is offering money to pay for. 

Here’s how other users were inspired by the trend


Yes this is the only thing I eat.. yes I am 3 years old #pickyeater #chickentendies #gimmemychickennuggies

♬ original sound – steppedllama

“Me going to any restaurant and seeing chicken tenders on the menu,” @ehhhmily said. 

Then she banged on the table and held her hand out holding a credit card to gesture she was offering to pay for it — post-haste. 

“My dad when he sees the same shirt but in a different color,” @anna..kreuzer said to roast her dad.

She hit the table twice, then gestured to pay with a credit card.

“When someone mentions taco bell after I’ve had one singular sip of alcohol,” @dancinghotdogs12 said. 

She hit the table then turned away from the camera as she held her credit card out to offer to pay for alcohol. 

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