Office worker stirs uproar with elaborate prank gone wrong: ‘How is that funny?’

One worker’s office prank went terribly wrong. They took to Reddit’s “Today I F***** Up” to share the story. 

The employee planted a phone speaker inside their workplace’s ceiling tiles. Thinking it would be hilarious, they had it play an eight-hour video of cats meowing. The only trouble was their coworkers believed there were cats trapped in the ceiling. 

“It was perfect. You could only hear the cats if you listened real close. It sounded like there was a cat in the ceiling, but you really couldn’t tell exactly where it was coming from,” the worker wrote. “I went to my office, got busy with work and forgot about it until I went to break. I walked into the break room and several people were talking about the cat that must be in the ventilation system. I chuckled to myself while I grabbed my coffee.” 

Then the prankster checked for more chatter in the office’s accounting department. 

“To my horror, half the ceiling tiles were removed and there were two maintenance men on ladders looking for the cat. They were real close to the speaker but hadn’t found it quite yet,” they said. “I just reversed out of there and went back to work. They eventually found the speaker and shortly after everyone got an email from the big boss reprimanding the guilty party and asking for any information on the culprit.”

Reddit users did not appreciate the jokester’s prank. 

“You can’t just prank everyone and not even be there. How is that funny?” one user wrote

“Why would you be surprised they would look for the cat?” another added.

“The fact you couldn’t foresee this outcome is itself pretty troubling,” someone added

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