TikTokers are sharing their jarring realizations for the ‘Oh Lord’ trend

The “Oh Lord” TikTok trend has people sharing some unsettling realizations. 

In the popular meme, TikTokers use moody dialogue to reveal their existential thoughts. The hilarious and absurd trend is exactly the kind of bonkers content we’ve come to expect from TikTok. Here’s what you need to know.

Where did the ‘Oh Lord’ TikTok trend come from?

The origins of the “Oh Lord” TikTok trend are a bit obscure. Whoever uploaded the sound has either deleted the original video or their account. 

However, the audio is taken from a 2006 Nike commercial featuring LeBron James. The commercial features quite a few James clones.

“Hold that thought I’mma call you back,” one James says before diving into a swimming pool donning an afro and slick white suit. 

“Oh Lord,” an older version of James says, reacting to the stunt. 

The TikTok sound currently has over 19,000 videos associated with it. 

How to do the ‘Oh Lord’ TikTok trend

Creating your own “Oh Lord” video is easy. Just post a relatable video of yourself realizing something that fits the structure of the sound. Your cathartic moment should come just after you lip-sync the words, “Oh Lord.” 

Not to be confused with the ‘Oh No’ trend 

The “Oh No” TikTok trend is a lot different. Set to the song “Oh No” by Capone, it’s more about capturing fails than ah-ha moments.

Like when @breelynn14 shared footage of her cat slipping into a bathtub.

Some examples of the ‘Oh Lord’ TikTok trend

“Realizing the trip you planned isn’t just a concept anymore,” @alyssaphucker said while looking stunned in an Iceland hotel


I mean I’ve only known him for a couple months #twomomssquad

♬ original sound – Tik Toker

“When you realize your son is basically a stranger and someday he’s gonna be a teenage boy living in your house,” @julia.ensign wrote in the caption. She held her son in her arms like he was a strange object. 

TikToker @bartonerwin took a sip of his drink then realized, “When you swallow on a random afternoon and feel a sore throat materializing.” 

“Me thinking bout how everyone has their own life,” @g33briel said, getting pretty existential in his backyard.  

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