Older brothers have the sweetest reaction to seeing their little sister after school

These older brothers had the sweetest reaction to seeing their little sister after school!

TikToker Brittany Muddamalle (@almostindianwife) is a busy mom of four who often posts clips of daily life with her husband and children. Recently, Muddamalle shared a video of her three sons coming home from school to greet their little sister, and it’s nothing short of precious!


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The clip begins with footage of Muddamalle’s toddler, Emelia, decked out in tiny pink shoes and a blue romper, teetering down a neighborhood sidewalk with her little arms stretched out wide. 

Suddenly, three figures with backpacks appear in the distance, and the toddler can hardly contain her excitement. 

“Bubby!” Emelia squeals in reference to the name she calls all three of her brothers. “Emelia,” one of her brothers calls out in response. “Hiiiii,” Emelia delightfully shrieks as she runs faster towards her brothers. 

“Emmy, I see you,” one of the brothers calls out while Emelia stomps her petite feet in glee. “Ahhhhhh,” Emelia yelps, reaching out her arms in a welcoming embrace. 

Like dominos, one brother after the other kneels down to hug their little sister, forming a big group hug.  

The heartwarming clip certainly had an effect on viewers who couldn’t help but feel uplifted by this strong sibling bond

“That girl has an army for life,” said one user.

“The love for their only baby sister is extreme,” one viewer noted. 

The video also stirred up desires for a similar sibling relationship–or any siblings at all–amongst viewers.  

“*Cries in only child,*” joked one person. 

“Wowww [I] have never seen something [so] sweet like this! I’m even jealous. I’ve always wished to have big brothers, but luck wasn’t on my side,” said one user. 

Having a positive sibling relationship has many benefits, such as increased support, friendship, and sympathy. Aside from being totally adorable, videos like this one are an example of nurturing strong sibling bonds.

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