Oldest living bat in captivity charms internet with his ‘flying’ lessons

Statler is the oldest living bat in captivity. The 33-year-old resides at Bat World Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization that rescues and rehabilitates bats in need.

The living wasn’t always easy for the fruit bat. Before Statler joined Bat World two years ago, he lost an eye at the now-defunct Michigan Zoo. Before that, Statler broke several bones during his time being moved from zoo to zoo, which worsened his arthritis and ability to fly.

But now Statler is in safe hands and even went viral for a video Bat World released where an employee holds Statler up and walks around so it makes him feel like he’s flying.

Statler will, fortunately, get to spend the rest of his waking life being cared for. 

“Statler loves to recline in a hammock where his favorite foods are close by,” Bat World stated. “He gets arthritis medication every day as well as a warm facial and gentle brushes. Statler is the oldest living bat in captivity. We hope to give him many more years of daily pampering.” 

Bat World Sanctuary is a nonprofit with the mission to end the mistreatment of bats since 1994. Lifetime sanctuary is provided to bats who cannot be released back into the wild after rehabilitation like those who are orphaned, injured or rescued from illegal pet trades. 

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