These ‘one in a million’ stories are making TikTok users question everything

In response to a new viral prompt, TikTok users are sharing their “one in a million” stories — and some of them are pretty unbelievable.

On Dec. 14, TikTok user Abraham Piper prompted his followers to share their “craziest, one in a million stories, something that happened to you that you just can’t believe is real.”

To kick things off, Piper shared his own incredible story. While he was residing in Red Wing, Minn., learning how to build guitars, he attended a party at a classmate’s house. In the kitchen, the party host left two chisels so people could carve messages and drawings into the table. (You can probably already tell where this is going.)

“One guy’s gesticulating wildly with one of the chisels … The blade flies out of the handle and through a dude’s earlobe on the other side of the table and just dangles there.” Thankfully it hit his earlobe and not something worse!

Many users have also shared their own “one in a million” stories.


#stitch with @abrahampiper you could say that’s pretty 1 in a million #storytime #viral

♬ original sound – Mark Bowling

User Mark Bowling used Piper’s prompt to share how he accidentally saved his dad’s life.

Bowling wasn’t supposed to be born on the day he was born. However, because he arrived when he did, his dad didn’t go to work — and this was life-changing.

“My dad, the day that I was born, he had to cancel work and the day that he had to cancel work, he had a security meeting on the 101st floor of tower 1 of the Twin Towers,” Bowling explained. “I was born on Sept. 11, 2001.”

“I have chills,” one person said in response to Bowling’s story.

“This is crazy,” another added.

“God has a plan,” a third wrote.

Another user who goes by @joeydoesntsharefo0d revealed that they survived 6 hours of carbon monoxide exposure.


#stitch with @abrahampiper the time I survived what should have been carbon monoxide poisoning #fyp #science #medical #lol

♬ original sound – Jac

“The paramedics couldn’t believe there was no carbon monoxide in my blood,” she said. “My blood work discovered I was so anemic that I only had 2 percent of the normal red blood cells and I was severely iron deficient. My hemoglobin levels were so low, there was none for the carbon monoxide to bind to.”

“Now this is a one in a million story,” one person said.

“This is insane,” another added.

Whether you think these stories are coincidence or divine intervention, you can’t deny that they really are one in a million.

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