One woman has shared the changes she’s made to improve her mental health, and TikTok is thanking her: ‘It’s like you knew I needed this.’ 

Sometimes, even the simplest additions to your life can make all the difference.

One 21-year-old named Beth (@j0eanna), who resides in Sheffield, England, has left a lasting impact on TikTokers after revealing the activities she’s integrated into her routine to help improve her mental health.

“Changes I’ve made to improve My mental health!” Beth writes. As a voiceover from 2003’s Love Actually plays, a series of photos cycle through.

Photo credit: @j0eanna via TikTok

Firstly, Beth suggests “doing small things of self care,” like painting your nails a fun color.

“I like to give myself time on the weekends to paint my nails,” she writes. “It makes me feels a little more put together and that I’m doing something for myself!”

Photo credit: @j0eanna via TikTok

Going for daily walks is another way she prioritizes her mental health.

“I know it’s common to say but getting fresh air has really improved my mental health,” Beth writes. “I like to try get out in the morning as soon as I get up.”

Photo credit: @j0eanna via TikTok

“Personalising unfamiliar spaces,” according to Beth, also helps alleviate discomfort.

Photo credit: @j0eanna via TikTok

Collecting items that bring joy — like CDs in Beth’s case — also helps her “think positively about the future.”

Photo credit: @j0eanna via TikTok

“Prioritising skin care,” Beth writes, “is a form of self care” she’s also come to appreciate.

Photo credit: @j0eanna via TikTok

One final tip from Beth? Utilizing Pinterest as a place to “completely zone out” and look at content that invigorates and inspires you on a daily basis.

Photo credit: @j0eanna via TikTok

“this video was like a breath of fresh air, thank you beth for this new perspective”

Commenters have thanked Beth for her tips on how to improve one’s mental health. What’s really seemed to resonate with TikTokers is the achievability of these changes she’s made.

“It’s like you knew I needed this,” one user wrote. “Thank you.”

“i love this so much !! you’ve inspired me to try to better my mental health too,” another replied.

“this video was like a breath of fresh air, thank you beth for this new perspective,” someone commented.

Deciding to prioritize your mental health doesn’t come without its challenges, though. Sometimes the task may seem daunting, but as Beth reminds us, even the most minor of adjustments or additions to your routine can lead to impactful changes.

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