Mom lets 1-year-old pour her own glass of water, and the results are hilarious

This TikTok parent recorded their 1-year-old attempting to pour a glass of water. Spoiler alert: It didn’t go well!

TikToker @fiveofmine is an Australian mom of four boys, ranging in age from teenagers to toddlers, as well as a one-year-old daughter named Jayla. In a hilarious recent video, the TikTok mom showed what happened when she gave Jayla a bottle of water and allowed the toddler to attempt to fill up a cup. In the video, the horrified mom watches as the toddler pours the entire bottle of water into the cup—and onto the table!

The video begins with a shot of Jayla sitting at the kitchen table, an empty glass in front of her. The toddler babbles in excitement as her mom passes her a plastic bottle of water. “Letting my one-year-old pour her own cup of water,” the TikToker writes in a caption. 

At first, things seem to be going well. Jayla carefully grasps the bottle and begins pouring it into the glass. While she splashes a bit of water onto the table, most of it ends up where it is supposed to. 

However, when the glass is full, the toddler doesn’t stop pouring! She continues pouring water into the glass, and onto the table, until the bottle is completely empty! “Oh,” she exclaims as she pours the water, sounding dismayed at the spill. However, it does not occur to her to stop pouring!

Finally, the bottle is completely empty. The toddler hands it to her mother, exclaiming, “Done!”

Then, she grasps the glass of water with both hands and pulls it towards herself. She tilts the glass towards her mouth, splashing more water onto the table in the process. The video ends with the toddler successfully taking a sip of water!

Viewers were cracking up at the toddler’s attempt to pour a glass of water. 

“No water was harmed in the making of this video,” one viewer joked. 

“At least it wasn’t juice,” another TikToker added. 

“This is so good for her to be practicing! But you might want to give her a half bottle of water next time,” another TikToker suggested. 

Jayla might have struggled to pour a glass of water this time, but practice makes perfect!

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